As a Christian Apologist my role is to defend and present a reasoned response of the Biblical worldview as I see it, understand it and find it presented in Scripture.  This is my faith journey that I would like to share with you so that you not only see / hear the answers that I give to certain fundamental questions but you get to follow the working out as well.  The process of sharing my faith will raise questions for many but will also hopefully spark the flame of faith in others. 


Defining myself for myself: This highlights the fact that we all have decisions to make about who we are becoming.  There is so much information around us that we must choose carefully what we allow to shape our thinking.  Otherwise, external influences will try to mould us according to their systems of thought.


Faith and Reason:  What we hold to be true and factual shapes our whole outlook on life. It creates our worldview and whatever we choose to be our worldview to be should fit us for the most fulfilled life as we go along our journey.